International Internship Program

Project Description

As the province moves towards a knowledge-intensive economy, the demand for highly-skilled workers such as engineers and medium-skilled workers such as technicians will increase exponentially. KPITB has proactively taken effective step to cater for this huge demand for skilled workforce and has signed an MOU with Chinaccelerator during the KP Investment Roadshow to China in April 2017. The first batch of 23 internees are set to travel to China in the first week of May to commence the 6 months internship program with different IT companies operating under the umbrella of Chinaccelerator.  

Eligibility Criteria:

Degree in electrical/ electronics/ computer software/computer science/computer systems/ tele communication/mechatronics engineering or any other relevant field (at least 16 years of education)

Deadline: 11:00pm on 29th October, 2017