NetKamayee A Digital Jobs Initiative

Project Description

KP IT Board (KPITB) has planned to initiate the program to grant fund for the speedy development of the province’s phenomenal entrepreneurs. The grant funding program would connect the entrepreneurs to KPITB. This would create a relationship of demand and supply as entrepreneurs has ideas but no source of money and KPITB will be granting that money i-e amount of 2 million PKR. Such an opportunity would encourage the local idea developers to come forward and give an impact to their ideas. It’s a project of experiential and intentional process that would allow the teams to explore their own personal growth and self-efficacy to have a greater sense of being able to make a positive difference.

Around the globe, a great percentage of failure is observed in starting-up new business initiatives. These failures are mainly due to the constraint of initial investment, unavailability of free/low cost guidance, un-awareness of market trends and lack of technical expertise. The chance to provide hands–on support in the form of Grant, guidance and information, and to connect startups with strategic resources and to bring creation of innovative and sustainable start-up companies and support their growth and development. To transform the startups idea into a funded project to help incubatees getting fund/grant to innovate, grow and sustain their business.