Project Description

Assasay is an assets Management System, specially developed for the management of fixed assets of Government Departments.

The system is used to assign and generate QR-Code against each fixed asset. There are two applications developed to use the system, a web based application for getting register and uploading fixed assets data from a spread sheet, and a mobile application that is being used for scanning the generated QR-Code. Once the code is scanned using mobile Application, all relevant information related to an asset is shown up to department's user. Name and details of all departments have been added to the system, a designated person from each department can visit the website for registration and select department and nature of department to get register. After logging in, user many upload data from excel file or may use system form to enter each asset's detail, System automatically generate QR-Code against each asset and a bulk print option is available to print QR-Code on sticky pages using any printer. Departments could be given access to create district and tehsil level users if required. Department can view how much items have been procured during a time period and what was the cost of the procurement, department may also view the overall report of items purchased based on item categories.